Welcome to Ride Across Washington, a journey to ride by bicycle across the great state of Washington using only trails.

In the summer of 2011 my young son and I were riding part of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, one of the best rails-to-trails projects in the country. As I was explaining the history of the trail he said, "So, does that mean we can ride across the entire state by bike using nothing but trails?"

Yes, it does. Sort of...

This project is our journey to discover, plan, explore, and execute that ride.

Current status: Phase 1 - Initial maps and stats are up. Lots of resources are linked on the route page.


Bike Camping on the JWPT, Snoqualmie Tunnel.

Bike Camping on the JWPT, Snoqualmie Tunnel.

A brief summary-

Phase 1: Planning the route (In Progress, nearly complete)

Phase 2: Planning the gear (In Progress)

Phase 3: Route Discovery (Not Started)

Phase 4: Execute the ride (Not Started)