The "improved section" of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, part of Iron Horse State Park, connects Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend, WA to the Columbia River in central WA, a distance of just over 100 miles. The actual rail corridor continues east of the Columbia River all the way to the Idaho border but it is not maintained and in some areas is not contiguous. Various permits and other approvals are necessary to traverse the more remote sections.

To the west of North Bend it is possible to ride all the way to Seattle using only rail trails, with only a couple of minor deviations to connect the various trails (less than 1 mile at a time).

On the Olympic Peninsula it is a different story entirely: the trails are not nearly as complete although there are some big plans to develop the Olympic Discovery Trail. Of the ~140 miles to traverse the north side of the Peninsula, less than half the surface is actual trails with the rest being paved roads.

Crossing Hansen Creek bridge, JWPT, Iron Horse State Park

Crossing Hansen Creek bridge, JWPT, Iron Horse State Park

Initial Route


Distance: ~490 miles

Elevation gain: ~30,000 feet

Length: 10 days (?)

  • Day 1 - Idaho Border to Ewan: 60 Miles
  • Day 2 - Ewan to Lind: 62 miles
  • Day 3 - Lind to Warden: 24 miles
  • Day 4 - Warden to Beverly (Columbia River): 61 miles
  • Day 5 - Beverly to Ellensburg: 32 miles (toughest day)
  • Day 6 - Ellensburg to Lake Easton: 38 miles
  • REST DAY!!! (We are taking a rest day in here) 
  • Day 7 - Lake Easton to Duvall: 67 miles
  • Day 8 - Duvall to Sequim: 69 miles
  • Day 9 - Sequim to Lake Crescent (Fairholme): 56 miles
  • Day 10 - Lake Crescent to La Push: 44 miles




Part 1 - Pacific Coast to Kingston Ferry

Part 2 - Edmunds Ferry to Duvall

Part 3 - Duvall to Beverly

Part 4 - Beverly to Idaho Border





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Washington State Department of Natural Resources: Permits to ride the eastern section of the trail (Columbia River to Idaho) can be obtained through the WA-DNR.

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