I spent some time on Mapmyride.com and created some initial routes following the Olympic Discovery Trail, some city streets in Seattle/Kenmore, the Burke-Gillman/Sammamish River Trail, the Tolt Pipline Trail, the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, and the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.

The route so far seems very doable, with the vast majority of it following rails-to-trails projects.

Some current challenges:

  1. Should the route go east-to-west or west-to-east?
  2. How do I ride from the Edmunds Ferry Terminal to the Burke Gilman Trail in Kenmore?
  3. Can we do somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 miles in 10 consecutive days (or less)?

This does indeed seem to be possible but there will be a lot of road riding on the Olympic Peninsula. My kids are starting to get excited!