After some serious considerations, and a look at the school calendar for next year, we think we have our first tentative date range for the ride. And they are.... drum roll please... 

June 22 - July 2

Here is how the schedule shakes out: 

  • Sunday evening, June 22: Drive out to Spokane
  • Day 1, Monday (6/23): Drive out to Idaho border near Tekoa, WA. Ride to Ewan (60 miles)
  • Day 2, Tuesday (6/24) - Ewan to Lind: 62 miles
  • Day 3, Wednesday (6/25) - Lind to Warden: 24 miles
  • Day 4, Thursday (6/26) -  Warden to Wanapum State Park Campground (cross the Columbia River) : 61 miles
  • Day 5, Friday (6/27) - Wanapum State Park to Lake Easton: 70 miles (toughest day)
  • Day 6, Saturday (6/28) - Lake Easton to Duvall: 67 miles
  • Day 7, Sunday (6/29) - REST DAY!!! (Yes, We are taking a rest day at home to go to church and relax) 
  • Day 8, Monday (6/30) - Duvall to Sequim (includes a ferry ride): 69 miles
  • Day 9, Tuesday (7/1) - Sequim to Lake Crescent (Fairholme): 56 miles
  • Day 10, Wednesday (7/2) - Lake Crescent to La Push: 44 miles
  • Day 11, Thursday (7/3) - Beach day! Or maybe Hot Springs Day

So far we have quite a few people showing interest in the ride. We'll see how things shake out in the coming months.

Route improvements: Tunnel 46-50 on the JWPT are now open. 6 more miles of the ODT are now paved. After several hundred miles of gravel and ballast it will feel weird to ride on so much pavement. The ODT folks have done a great job improving the trail and maintaining it.

Wow, typing that out makes you wonder if we are crazy or just a gluten for punishment. Probably both. }B^)

Next up: bike shopping?!?!